old thinking will not produce new results

fad-diet business ideas aren't the solution

Lack of


High Turnover


Headed the
wrong way

this isn't your traditional coaching

it's the lucidly learning sequence

Top Down, Bottom up

360 Immersive experience for the entire organization ensuring everyone's potential is fully activated. Just working top down won't provide real change.

On Demand Virtual Coaching

Lucidly's virtual coach is available whenever and wherever your employees and executive leadership need it.

1:1 and Group Coaching

Real results and lasting change will only happen with guided activation. We engage each employee directly and specifically which drives adoption​ and amplifies your existing initiatives​.

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r.i.p. status quo, hello results

Realize change instantly from all areas of the business. We will help you activate a culture of “we not me." Remove the time-sucking “that’s how it’s always been done” bottleneck. Regain focus and deliver on what matters to you and your customers while also boosting individual and team performance.

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Scale resilience and get sh*t done with the lucidly learning sequence

Scale resilience and get sh*t done with the lucidly learning sequence

Increase performance and productivity by building a team with seemingly boundless energy that can weather “the storm” and go above-and-beyond with a commitment to the outcome of the whole.

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spark catalyst leadership

Leadership isn't a title, it's a mentality and we will help your entire team know when to lead and when to follow using the lucidly Learning Sequence.

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top down bottom up results


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Legal Firm Managing Partner

I have never had a 1:1 that was so prepared and to the point. It made it really easy for me to know how to support.

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Accounting Firm Manager

Lucidly gives me a framework to use where I can work through and communicate an issue/problem without being defensive or emotional. It allows me to be objective and see the issue more clearly with a path to try and resolve it.

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10yr Veteran Health Services Employee

Because of Lucidly, I was prepared to have a conversation I was putting off. I felt relief in having communicated clearly and effectively.

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New Employee CPA Firm

results ahead

aha in 5

What does Entropy have to do with Leadership? *hint – everything*

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r.i.p. status quo. hello results.

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