a professional services firm is only as strong as it's people

start strong & stay strong for years to come

turn personality differences
into superpowers…
not distractions

stop going in circles
and start making

firm leadership will
end the day with energy
left in tank

if you fail to plan you plan to fail

It shouldn't be this hard, right? You need a plan. The tides of change are pounding on SMB professional services firms and your once trusty boat is sinking slowly. While you're worried about gaining ground (productivity), the leaks (retention) get harder to control. The only way to make the boat go faster and run easier is to equip the people. They are your #1 asset and can no longer hit the wave head on with brute force - unless you're looking to obliterate the boat! Putting off these issues will only make it worse down the road, so the time is now.

  • business strategy
  • m & a strategy
  • change management
  • executive integration
  • succession
  • business governance
  • organizational development
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coaching + consulting + proven experience

we are consultative coaches

specializing in being your force multiplier in
SMB professional services organizational transformation

bring held and discovered knowledge to facilitate awareness and ownership of required change

share knowledge, strategies, and frameworks for decisions

support action on decisions through assistance on implementation steps, timelines, securing of resources, and removing barriers.

lucidly consultative coaching delivers

qualitative and quantitate results

+ 0 %
+ 0 %
- 0 %
overtime pay
- 0 %
WIP balance

before lucidly

employee satisfaction
service quality
customer satisfaction

after lucidly

employee satisfaction
service quality
customer satisfaction

get clarity on why
people are clashing and plans are crashing

with consultative executive coaching for leaders of multi-million dollar professional services firms

We have been in your seat, suffered through the pain and come out the other end with a proven strategy for success. Let’s assess your firm’s collective and individual strengths and weaknesses. We will challenge, support, and guide you through 1:1 sessions to improve the organization’s weak points as well as your individual well-being.

finally, a game plan you can trust in to set the firm up for decades to come

lucidly consultative coaches bring over 50 years of experience with SMB professional services firms in all industries

As former Fortune 500 executives who have built and led record-breaking teams all over the world, lucidly executive coaches combine billion dollar corporate experience with the speed and agility of a personalized consultative coaching approach.

The lucidly™️ Success Sequence was born from years of struggle and success and has proven to help professional services firms achieve million-dollar business breakthroughs while also helping the people of the business get more out of life.


master the art & science of professional services talent
management and employee engagement

Transitioning personality differences into firm superpowers
requires qualitative and quantitate data. Our proprietary personal energy assessment,
Hero Index by lucidly does this in 3 minutes.

retain and attract the talent you need
and ensure your benefits are the best they can possibly be

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