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bond your remote team and create a magnetic culture

bond your remote team and create a magnetic culture

Managing and engaging a remote workforce is hard! Over the years we had honed our "spidey sense" to know when a team member was struggling or when there was a conflict needing resolution. Post-pandemic management is now mostly done via Teams, Slack, and Zoom, often across multiple timezones and countries.


less stress and more energy left at the end of the day

83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress and 35% report that stress is because of their boss. The loss is significant including missing deadlines, significant drop in performance, negative changes in temperament and frequent illness and fatigue. lucidly™️ has developed proprietary tools to assess and diagnose stress patterns as well as solutions for a wide range of stress inducing organizational situations.

  • next-gen leadership development
  • proactive recruiting
  • relating better together
  • culture & strategic vision
  • team dynamics
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lucidly™️ experience makes all the difference

lucidly™️ experience makes all the difference

lucidly is different on purpose. Unlike other coaching programs, lucidly looks at the entire business as well as the people to craft a personalized success strategy that also aligns with the business objectives. Growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum and requires a holistic approach that cares for the success of the individual personally as well as the business goals. We are ruthlessly committed to results and we are also equally committed to working with companies that share our values. We believe that there is greatness in everyone.

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It shouldn't be this hard, right? The tides of change are pounding on SMB's and your once trusty boat is sinking slowly. While you're worried about gaining ground (productivity), the leaks (retention) get harder to control. The only way to make the boat go faster and run easier is to equip the people. They are your #1 asset and can no longer hit the wave head on with brute force - unless you're looking to obliterate the boat! Putting off these issues will only make it worse down the road, so the time is now.

  • business strategy
  • m & a strategy
  • change management
  • executive integration
  • succession
  • business governance
  • organizational development
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Legal Firm Managing Partner

I have never had a 1:1 that was so prepared and to the point. It made it really easy for me to know how to support.

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Accounting Firm Manager

Lucidly gives me a framework to use where I can work through and communicate an issue/problem without being defensive or emotional. It allows me to be objective and see the issue more clearly with a path to try and resolve it.

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10yr Veteran Health Services Employee

Because of Lucidly, I was prepared to have a conversation I was putting off. I felt relief in having communicated clearly and effectively.

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New Employee CPA Firm

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