escape the rip tide

helping professional services partners lead more and manage less

We help the Partners of professional services firms achieve personal and professional goals including;

less stress and more trust,
workload balance,
higher quality work,
solid succession plan.

The best part? You can end the day with energy left for family, friends and hobbies.

Growth can be a blessing and a curse if the firm isn’t prepared with a game plan. And, that plan starts with you.

If you are a Partner in an Accounting, Architecture, or any other professional services firm – we can help you get the people, process, and strategy back under control.

organizational transformation

helping high-growth firm Partners rediscover their passion for the work and get the business under control through consultative executive coaching

assess &
take inventory

clarity starts at home and with your personal values, vision, needs, prejudices, and preferences

create the
game plan

then I will guide you through creating strategies and frameworks to align the firm through personal and organizational transformation

the play

we will meet weekly as I help guide and support action to help minimize false starts, anticipate roadblocks, make better quality decisions

You are the master of your craft, but being dragged into every project or client is absolutely crushing to your energy. Meetings aren’t productive, you have to look over everything, and you can’t trust the managers to manage.

We have helped hundreds of business owners like you get more out of life while also achieving lasting change within the business. Business success doesn’t have to feel like a personal sacrifice. You just need a coach who has sat in your seat and knows how to actually help.

I know the pain and can help you get clear so you can create a game plan that will last for years to come. I’m proof that it’s possible.

There is no fee or obligation to see if we could be a good fit for you. Get started by scheduling a complimentary strategy session with me.