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dig a little deeper & discover how to use your superpower

You are driven by the desire of independence and freedom, and we are here to guide you in harnessing your unique powers (which makes you the hero of the story!). Ready to continue the adventure in your journey of self-discovery?

about the hero index

This assessment is designed to help you understand your internal energy patterns. We call this your natural self; it is how you are wired.  Our challenge is that we generally assume that others think and interact the same way they do. That is what gets us in trouble, because we are all wired a little differently.

Our internal energy patterns show up in the behaviors that other people see and in the way we make decisions. Have you ever wondered why a colleague or friend does what they do?  The answer all comes down to the fact that they are not wired like you are.

Once you understand your profile it is then much easier to see profiles in other people.  


In the simplest form it comes down to 2 observable characteristics of human behavior: Formality and Temperature. 

  • Formality is about our need to plan and organize, this ranges from Conceptual to Systematic. 
  • Temperature is how we interact with others, this ranges from Social to Autonomous.

We can then plot these in a grid and begin to see the patterns that show up in the four quadrants like the diagram on the right. This is where we can start seeing the energy patterns. Our wiring contains elements of all four energy types.  Meaning that if we are self-aware enough, we can get there when it is needed.

We all have our default pattern. We have 1 or 2 energy types that are easy to access, and we probably have 1 that is a blind spot. We can think of the 4 quadrants this way.


Concierge: A person who vigorously supports or defends a person or cause.

Architect: A person who plans, devises, or contrives the achievement of a desired result.

Producer:  Achiever, Instigator, Influencer, Catalyst.  Gets stuff done.

Detective: One who seeks information that may not otherwise be available.

about the hero index axis

Before we dig deeper into each energy type it is useful to understand the axis. 

The vertical axis is like our temperature. 

People that are more social could also be called open or even extraverts. They experience life interconnected with others, working in a group, they share and gather information experientially, visually, or verbally. The autonomous people prefer working alone or enjoy time to think. They are often individual contributors. Some may call them introverted.

The horizontal axis is about our formality. 

The conceptual side are people that relate to mental images or ideas existing in the imagination; they are theoretical, abstract, or visionary. 

The systematic side wants things carried out using a plan, or in an orderly manner; they are methodical, efficient, or structured.

Our pace has commonalities along each diagonal axis as well. The concierge and the producer both have visceral tendencies where they want to experience the situation without much forethought, they are instinctive, spontaneous, competitive, or impulsive. 

The other axis is more logical, and we can see the Detective and the Architect are thinker that use clear, sound reasoning; they are concerned with theories or hypotheses and are methodical and inquisitive.

characteristics by energy type

Characteristics Concierge Architect Producer Detective
Natural Tendencies Nurturing of relationships and opportunities. Knowing what to do and what changes to make. Wanting to make a positive difference. Apprehending data and information.
How they are noticed by others Conveyed with connection, inspiration & vision. Articulated by assessment, solving and teaching. Felt as commanding, action and results. Expressed as seeking, efficient & documenting.
Things that accentuate their energy Enriched by Truth. Activated with Perseverance. Amplified by Decisiveness. Magnified by Integrity.
Things to watch out for May seem arrogant and manipulative. Can interrogate and expect others to do the work. May seem pushy or intimidating. May seem aloof, judgmental, or not forthcoming.
What they do best Think fast on their feet. Promote ideas or people. Develop a plan spontaneously. Quick to think, but slow to speak. Fearlessly take Charge. Get to the bottom line. Friendly and a great listener. Sensitive. Gather information.
What is hard for them Restrictions or routines. Formal reports. Re doing anything that has already be done once. Being Diplomatic. Unpredictable people. Making big decisions. Voicing contrary opinions.
Tensions that may exist with others that are similar They may compete for approval or attention. They may bottle up their emotions looking fine on the surface before they explode. They are going to work fast, but on different things. No alignment of priority. Can get stuck because they want consensus to move forward.

dig a little deeper & learn how to use your superpower

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