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the post-pandemic secret to success

The CPA firm Grover, Mueller & Swank (GMS) is proof that putting your people first is the secret to building a future ready CPA firm.

GMS went all in and committed to doing the work they knew they needed to do for quite some time. 

This dedication to making room for lucidly™️ in all areas of the organization lead to GMS being able to:

  • Successfully recruit great talent
  • Retain clients
  • Build a firm to grow for decades to come

Wondering how you can do this for your firm, too?

Continue reading to learn about the scalable and customized solution GMS used to achieve their results.


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the solution

holistic strategy for the business and it's people

Our process is a proprietary blend of coaching with consulting. lucidly helps small and mid-size Accounting Firms increase productivity and decrease wasted hours. The world-class team of lucidly performance, executive and leadership coaches bring years of experience from startups to Fortune 500 companies across every industry. It is because of this experience that lucidly has an 85% eNPS compared to a 65% industry average and a 95% employee adoption rate.

  • business strategy
  • change management
  • executive integration
  • succession
  • business governance
  • org dev & training
  • culture and people
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the results

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after the
lucidly success sequence

employee satisfaction
service quality
customer satisfaction
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experience makes all the difference

meet your team of consultative coaches

Author Image

William Anfuso

Expertise: Executive Coach, Culture, Leadership

Author Image

Mary Meduna-Gross, Ph.D.

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Culture, Collaboration

Author Image

Doug Magnuson

Expertise: Executive Coaching, Team Performance, Organizational Change, M&A

Author Image

Chris Herndon, M.B.A.

Expertise: Resilience Training, Mindset Coaching, Performance Coaching

Author Image

Dr. Sarah Stebbins, C.P.C.

Expertise: Change Management, Team Development, Leadership Development

Author Image

Lisa Rivet

Expertise: Human Resources, Culture, Onboarding & Integration

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