don't burn out your

up-and-coming leaders

equip high potentials to start strong and stay strong as the  next generation of firm leadership 

catalyst leaders show up with empathy, character, influence and confidence

Transform high potentials into future firm leaders with lucidly Catalyst Leadership consultative executive coaching and leadership development. Our Catalyst Leadership program teaches and coaches actionable follow-through to learn how to listen, overcome obstacles, engage in difficult conversations, give and receive feedback, and confidently move the firm forward as a leader who is empathetic, has strong character, influence and confident.

the lucidly difference

specializing in developing SMB professional services high potentials
lucidly has an 85 eNPS compared to the industry average of 65

lucidly Consultative Executive Coaching brings held and discovered knowledge to facilitate awareness and ownership of required change.

lucidly Consultative Executive Coaching shares knowledge, strategies, and frameworks for decisions.

lucidly Consultative Executive Coaching supports action on decisions through assistance on implementation steps, timelines, securing of resources, and removing barriers.



people skills for professional services leaders

creating future ready leaders who can successfully & confidently lead people

lucidly successfully guides the new leader using our consultative coaching system which blends the action and accountability of Executive coaching with the guidance gained from experience of consulting.

A lucidly Consultative Coach will guide and mentor the new leader to gain situational leadership skills, accountability to accomplishing goals, capitalizing on strengths and weaknesses, and leading by example. These kinds of skills have a huge payoff to the partner group in total. The newly acquired skills the next generation of leaders will exhibit changes the culture of the partner group for the positive.

the best teams have leaders who understand the whole
is greater than the sum of its parts

empowering future ready leaders with the tools to influence a team of differently motivated people 

lucidly will equip your future ready leader with a full spectrum view of the team as a whole in order to help the firm minimize false starts, anticipate roadblocks, and enable higher quality decisions.

personal energy and behavior mastery

enabling future ready leaders to harness their unique energy profile 

Great leaders are self-aware. They know that their preferences, personality, needs, habits, prejudices and emotions affect their actions and the reactions of others. Leaders who master the management of their personal energy will be better equipped to manage stress, make better decisions and ultimately lead others to do the same.

the process

step 1

strategy session with firm leadership

– Strategy session so lucidly coaches may fully understand your company strategy, vision, and values.

– Review the companies goals and definition of success for the leader.

step 2

high potential completes the 90 day catalyst leadership program 

– Weekly 1:1 consultative executive coaching sessions.

– Holistic personal success plan encompassing work, wellness and relationships.

– Access to the lucidly™️ Virtual Platform to access a personal journal, microlearnings, assessments, and more.

step 3

increased engagement & retention

– Firm leadership will receive insights reports with observations, blind-spots and suggestions.

– Shared agreement around capacity, vision and values will create positive culture change and retention.

– Continued growth through coaching and workshops for the firm leaders.

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meet the lucidly Consultative Executive Coaching Team

world-class experience makes all the difference

will anfuso
lucidly cofounder & ceo

Former top 5% SVP at Morgan Stanley and 3-time founder. Will has advised and coached top executives covering all industry sectors. CIMA accreditation from Wharton School

Wellness and Mindset Coach

Chris Herndon

Chris is skilled in self-awareness, resolving workplace challenges, and navigating life and work transitions. Member of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council at Portland State University School of Business.

Professional & Personal Coach

Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross

Skilled in coaching leadership teams and individuals to achieve goals they thought were unattainable. Doctor of Philosophy PhD, Educational Leadership and Master's Degree in Community Mental Health Counseling

Change Management Consultative Coach

Dr. Sarah Stebbins

25+ years experience developing and delivering curriculum for workshops, seminars and university classes. Dr. Stebbins is also an author, professional coach and sought-after speaker on Change Management.

frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Teams within the firm can participate in group program with cohorts of 6 to 12 people. Please contact us in order for us to provide a team program proposal.

Our coaching program is delivered 100% virtually utilizing video conferencing platforms Zoom and Teams. We do offer in-person workshops and coaching on a case-by-case basis.

We use our own assessment, Hero Index by lucidly which is offered at no charge. The assessment takes just 3 minutes to complete and is specially designed to provide insights as well as actionable tips on what to start, stop and continue. Learn more about the Hero Index here.

Our coaching programs range in price depending on the level of coach required and the amount of leaders in a team group at one time. The pricing for this program averages around $1,750 per month for 3 months. Discounts are provided for multiple leaders enrolled from the same firm.