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magnetic attraction is the secret to recruiting success

We offer an attraction service that is laser-focused and science-based to find the future employees that have the skills you need and will match your culture. This creates the best possible scenario to finding an employee that will last.

the art & science of magnetic attraction

Our unique approach uses personality science and behavioral patterns that attract job candidates that are more likely to fit the culture of the company. Writing the job advertisement in a way that tickles the ears of the ideal candidate provides that extra nudge for candidates that are not necessarily looking for a new job to apply. Our approach identifies finalists that will more likely enjoy the work and stay with the job.

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saving you time & resources

the lucidly Magnetic Attraction Process Part I

Clear Understanding of the Job

This step is one of the most vital because we decode the job to identify the target persona best suited to perform the work and ensure longterm employee success. The job advertisement will be rewritten in a way that will appeal to the best talent who will be a perfect fit.

Culture Fit Assessment

Our unique approach uses personality science and behavioral patterns that attract job candidates that are more likely to fit the culture of the company. We use this information to strategically adjust the job description allowing us to target the best possible candidate.

Find an employee, not just a candidate

We use our recruiting tools to find candidates that may not be looking for a job but are open to opportunities with a better fit. This step will provide you 3-5 candidates perfectly matched to the job and your team to interview.

the lucidly Magnetic Attraction Process Part II

Best of the Best

Using our many years of hiring success experience, we are able to see through the data to find the perfect matches saving you significant time and energy.

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviews help uncover the hidden indicators of future candidate success or failure. Our team of talent experts look at the match and gap report of the candidates assessment compared to the decoded profile and use that to guide the interview. These insights are exclusively available to the employer, not the candidate.

Perfect Fit Hired

Complete your skills interview with the top 3 candidates, and confidently hire your perfect fit.

best candidates + best pricing

The average recruiting service charges between 30-40% of the salary which incentives them to simply get a candidate for a $100K+ position and does not guarantee the best fit, especially for jobs under $100K.

aligned objective

We don’t have a stockpile of networked contacts that we match your job to. Instead, we search to find the BEST FIT candidates for your job. This drastically increases odds of success and the reason we include a fixed post-hire success fee.

$100k salary search example

let's find your dream candidate

Our team is ready! Whether you’re searching for the next Tax Manager or Chief Marketing Officer, we will find your dream candidate.