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feeling out of control? are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

We know how that feels and you're in the right place. Below we are sharing the secret to regaining control of your energy and succeeding more in life and work. They key? It's all about your personal resilience inventory.

re·sil·ience (noun)

the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

out of control

no understanding of resilience

  • wanting something different, but I don’t know how to break out of my situation

  • my capacity is wasted on problems, not solutions

  • feeling out of control, boxed in and stuck.

  • carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders

regaining control

deep understanding of resilience

  • get more accomplished in life and at work with less stress

  • feel in control of your destiny

  • feel lighter, at ease, with a sense of peace

  • feel that life is happening for you, not to you

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Now that you know what opportunities you have to improve,

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Related Skills 


Having a sense of purpose and a clear vision. 

An ability to define and clarify goals worth striving for, prioritize between goals, alignment between goals, self-motivate, and a belief in one’s ability to achieve goals. 


Concerns emotional awareness, regulation, and stress management. 

Emotional granularity, emotional reappraisal, self-calming through breathing and related techniques. 


Relates to problem-solving, reasoning, resourcefulness and being ready for change. 

Cognitive abilities such as planning for adverse situations to mitigate outcomes in advance, challenging and changing beliefs through introspective questioning, and building one’s own ability to be resourceful. 


Includes secure attachment, good relationships, and maintaining social perceptions. 

Building support networks, awareness of social context, and willingness to ask for help. This is enabled through the belief that people are trustworthy and loving, support is available when needed, and that it is worthwhile to support others. 


The state of being in good health such as quality sleep, healthy nutrition, and regular exercise. 

The ability to research and understand which healthy habits to follow, perceptions regarding one’s own health, the motivation to implement the habits, and the persistence to maintain them in the long term. 


Tenacity. Relating to hardiness and perseverance. Maintaining forward momentum. 

Beliefs concerning optimism for the future and being persistent in the face of adversity. Attitudes toward future opportunities, appraisal of new challenges, as well as avoidance attitudes such as procrastination tendencies.  

Get more done at work and in life when you’re able to bounce back quicker. 

Your results are just a snapshot of where you are right now. Start increasing your resilience:

  1. Invite self-discovery by sharing your results with a friend, colleague, or coach.

  2. Celebrate the dimensions that are the strongest and plan for what needs attention.

  3. Dig in and understand what triggers your resilience response. Catch yourself in the moment and put yourself back on course.

Increasing your capacity requires action and our team of coaches are here to help.

you deserve more.

you deserve to breathe a sigh of relief. dig deeper into your results
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