winning teams
don't happen by accident

we are all different

like a major league team, it's vital to understand the unique strengths and needs of every person in order to create the plays to win.

Did you know that preferences, behaviors, and motivations play a big role in team cohesion and performance? And, having a “map” to understanding your team’s unique makeup can turn your bad plays into touchdowns?

lucidly™️ Team Dynamics is for any SMB professional services firm that is experiencing:

  • Lack of team morale in a hybrid or remote workplace
  • A new team struggling to understand how to work best together across time zones and personalities
  • Low trust within the team and leadership
  • Unhealthy conflict with the leadership
  • A lack of understanding of why people are behaving the way they do, especially across generations of workers
  • Frequent events where some or all the team experiences a trigger causing negative energy

uncover the full potential of your team

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"Old-school management tactics are irrelevant in today’s modern business world. Today’s employees are different and work differently, and you should be a different manager, too."

the solution

throw away the outdated talent model

Your success depends upon your people and it's time to truly understand what makes them tick. Using our proprietary assessment "Hero Index" we are able to reveal why working with Betty drives you crazy and why James and Lily work so well together. This clarity is incredible, but we take it a step further by activating the learnings through 1:1 and team coaching.

  • personality profiles
  • personalized readouts for each team member
  • team report
  • comprehensive reporting for leadership
  • team coaching
  • executive coaching
  • lucidly™️ virtual learning app
free no-sales-pitch strategy call

communication cheat sheets
to activate the team's superpowers

the process

step 1

full team clarity

Everyone takes the lucidly™️ Hero Index personal energy assessment. Unlike other assessments, ours is free, takes only 5 minutes and doesn't put you in a box.

  • Takes a few minutes (not hours)
  • 100% free
  • Anyone can take the assessment at any time, no account or contract required.

Get started now by taking the lucidly™️ Hero Index assessment to understand your personal energy patterns.

step 2

self and team awareness

after everyone on the team takes the assessment, we will tell you what it all means and provide actionable steps specifically tied to the business goals.

  • Team Dynamics Workshop facilitated by a lucidly specialist.
  • 1:1 assessment report analysis session for the leadership.
  • Each person identifies what they need to start, stop, and continue.
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step 3

practice, repeat and accelerate

the secret to success is practicing your new patterns and behaviors while being guided by a personal lucidly coach. Everyone in the business can benefit from having a third-party sounding board, a fresh experienced perspective and someone offering thoughtful accountability.

the results

lead and manage with
greater clarity

  • Address conflict in an honoring way.
  • Understand why people behave and respond the way that they do.

achieve the
vision faster

  • Get problems solved faster and easier.
  • Align work to personal styles & motivations.

increased team morale & productivity

  • Speak in a way that increases trust and comprehension.
  • Know what triggers negative energy.



employee satisfaction
service quality
customer satisfaction


after the
lucidly success sequence

employee satisfaction
service quality
customer satisfaction

experience makes all the difference

meet your team of consultative coaches

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William Anfuso

Expertise: Executive Coach, Culture, Leadership

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Mary Meduna-Gross, Ph.D.

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Culture, Collaboration

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Doug Magnuson

Expertise: Executive Coaching, Team Performance, Organizational Change, M&A

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Chris Herndon, M.B.A.

Expertise: Resilience Training, Mindset Coaching, Performance Coaching

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Dr. Sarah Stebbins, C.P.C.

Expertise: Change Management, Team Development, Leadership Development

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Lisa Rivet

Expertise: Human Resources, Culture, Onboarding & Integration

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